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Cop2Cop offers all of the following services to help you and your family cope with and resolve any challenge.

24/7 Peer Support

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call or email to connect with with a retired law enforcement officer. Someone, in many ways, just like you.

Police Clinical Assessments & Referrals

When you call you will speak with an experienced professional counselor, often a retired law enforcement officer trained specifically to help other law enforcement officers. If your challenge is complex and requires additional treatment and follow-up you will be referred to one of our Police Clinical Network Providers that is local to you. They have been trained to treat the unique needs of officers and their families.

Critical Incident Stress Unit Services

This is a de-briefing service and assessment for those involved in highly critical, stressful and traumatic incidents. When needed CISM teams are deployed to respond to critical incidents. The de-briefing methods used follow the International Guidelines established by the ICISF. COP 2 COP maintains its own de-briefing teams plus has access to similar teams throughout New Jersey.

CISM Packet

Packet for CISM related to a general critical incident response.

CISM Suicide Packet

Packet for CISM related to a suicide response.